A big kiss to…

Today is my father’s birthday…I really don’t know how to  explain how much I love him…It’s not something that like girls love their dads but it’s more than it…


He is always one of  my best friends. He has listened to all my love affairs without getting bored. We sent each other  thousands of mails while I     was travelling around for five years. He showed me how to do strategy to  find my way. He is always cool and full of love, full of friendship and honesty…

He has never encouraged me for the things that I can’t, he always warned me about the guys who doesn’t love me actually… Sometimes I didn’t listen to him but I know he was right… I have never lied to him because I didn’t need to, I could do whatever I want, he has never showed a patriarchal pression, this is why I am so lucky too!

Today it’s his birthday, I know he doesn’t like big parties, celebrations but it  doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to hear few nice words from me for his birthday…

 I wish you a wonderful year with full of books, travel and mornings with us… I’m pretty sure that you’ll publish gorgeous books and you will travel and will have a wonderful year!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
 We love you

A big kiss from Parfe too!




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One thought on “A big kiss to…

  1. Ben de hepinizi seviyorum ve babanı kutluyorum…
    Hem doğumgünü hem de senin gibi bir evlada sahip olduğu için….

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