The Office…

Do you like your office life?

Most of the people started to work in the open offices which soemtimes make the day difficult. Too much voices, no privacy especially it’s hard while you’re working on articles. You can easily lose your motivation. However there are some ways to keep your concentration. I tried to put some objects on my desk which can give me motivation and inspiration. I have a frame with a New York Central Gare picture in it. White gives me the feeling of space and New York picture gives me hope.


My big red headphones. No one can bother me…My favorites are Mozart Requiem and nowadays Birdy! Wawww I fly to somewhere else!!


Guys!!Do not ever trust to technology. I’ve got my contacts in this address book! Am I too old fashioned? I love these cupcakes…

mavi saksı

Some of the researches  show that cactus can take radiation. So why not to try…What I’m gonna lose?

köpekli takvm

Put some cute animal pictures!!! It gives you the energy and make you feel happy!!


And my vase where I put all my stuff

Have wonderful office days!!



2 thoughts on “The Office…

  1. Haha icine “herseyini” koydugun minik vazoya koptum. Tuyden ibaret duruyor :) Tam senlik, yerim seni, aklima tuylu yilbasi elbisen geldi su an.

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