2013 resolutions…!

New Year’s resolutions!!!

Guys!!I’m so sorry that I couldn’t write you for a while.. I started to work in a famous Turkish magazine’s website called Aktuel. I’m covering media, technology and fashion news. I adore what I’m doing but also I’m always superb busy!! Being an editor is fun job but also “the tough one“

As I mentioned you before the reason why I couldn’t write you is that  working until late hours but suddenly I realized that I should keep on writing my blog because I’m free in this sphere, this is my world. I feel relaxed while I’m writing to you..

We ended 2012. For me it was a tough one. I changed many things in my life. I even changed my hair when I started to work!!

2012 was a different year for me.  I spent half of the year in New York and the rest in istanbul. At the beginning it was awful to be here however I tried to move on and build a new life.

I still miss my friends a lot but we’re in touch.

I can reach my goals whenever I want to do..I can start to travel, I can go back to my favorite city, to where??: Of course New York!!

Make long story short, I have some New Year’s resolutions:



yoga mat
Practice Yoga and Pilates regularly


I would like to keep writing my blog


I want to be a zen person!!Not to care too much!!


I wanna read and read and read…


Writing my articles..


Find love…This one is the tough one :)

I wish you a wonderful year!!!



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