New York Fashion Week, where to get your breakfast?

25 Mai 2012 537

For a while, every single night I have been dreaming to be in New York. I have many reasons why I would like to be there. As you know new season  has already opened and all the magazines’ September issues are thicker than Ulysses  and they are only talking about New Yorker designers and New York Fashion week. My subconscious is full of fashion week in New York but I’ve some other reasons to dream about that gorgeous city.


 First: This is the unique city where I felt myself really free, detached from all my thoughts and felt powerful enough to create something and to be able rock my world!

 Second: Streets are full of with people with their unique style, every style is respected by the others ( provided that  having a style) sometimes I felt that there was a competition to look more unexpected. Whatever you wear you can   have your compliments, people are open to say nice words and  encourage you.

 Third: You are in the centre of the world. You can find all big events,   theatres, ballets, operas, museums, books. You can come across with Nobel   prized writers and movie starts with Oscar. And you can follow Fashion week!!!


I’ve one address which I had noted in my book. If you’re in New York and if you want to do something “hip”, you can have your breakfast  in Cafe Gitane located in Jane Hotel, overlooking the Hudson River.

Avocado toast is a gorgeous start for a morning with a mint tea  where you can come across with models, artists hanging out there talking about serious New York issue about fashion, theatres, politics!!I think this is a perfect address to get a breakfast, to feel an oriental breeze in New York. I feel lucky to have had an unforgettable morning with my super stylish friend Peri!!!

 Don’t forget to eat between shows while you’re following New York fashion week! And even you don’t care about fashion just eat there an Avocado toast!

25 Mai 2012 536

25 Mai 2012 479










One thought on “New York Fashion Week, where to get your breakfast?

  1. 2 gün önce sokaklar manken kaynıyordu ve sephora’dan birden catwalk yapan kadın ve erkek mankenler çıktı. aklıma direkt sen geldin. üzerine bunu okuyunca yazmak istedim. bisous

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