Postcards from my summer days


1.Our photo shoot by my gorgeous aunt on their beach house


When you start to lay a thicker blanket and to look for someone to hug under it, sorry guys but I’m afraid autumn is coming. This is what I feel for few days. Wind started to be stronger than usual, I can walk under the sun at 1:00 pm and it’s time to put a dress on my bikini around evening . My friends all left the town and I’ll head out to Istanbul in a few days which start to give me a bittersweet feeling. It’s hard to accept that summer is coming to an end, to see in my summer house’s garden that winter fruit flowers are blooming. Life is built on a change and it’s sometimes challenging to consent the natural circle of life.


Even if I’ve spent a pleasant summer time surrounded by my friends and family, yet I should confess that I occasionally have felt so emotional because there were lots of changes in my life which gave me some headache : I moved back to Istanbul then lost my grandma which gave us great sorrow, the excitement of starting to a new job, friends in different countries whom I’ll miss a lot. However I know that also changes are indispensable facts of our life which mature us and moreover energy of building new things makes us stronger than before. These are my motivations to start for a new season.  I feel that everything is going to  start to be miraculously wonderful.

I prepared some best moments of summer time. I hope you’ll enjoy. I wish you best “rentrée”!




                           2.My Favorite olive tree in a wonderful Laleli’s garden.


            3.Marrekesh Beach in Çesme, an amazing vacation with one of Bf’s Gaye.

             4.I’ve got this delicious smoothie made from a cactus fruit in Çökertme.

5.A view from Rahmi Koç Müzesi at Cunda, we went there with a super lovely guy with a group of friend from summer town. 

6.My best stay during summer time: Alaçatı Vintage Boutique Hotel. I stayed there with my dearest friends from New York which was quite amazing!

7. My best sunset in Artur! Gin-tonic and deep conversation, what else?



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